Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle and Dragons SMB Edition

Nintendo announced the strange fusion of Puzzle & Dragons and Super Mario Bros. a while back, and that collaborative effort between the maker of Mario and Gung Ho Entertainment is set to come to fruition in a matter of months.

A press release went out this morning announcing the price and launch details for Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle and Dragons SMB Edition. That is a mouthful, my friends.

These two separate games include their own unique story modes. They drop the free-to-play progression system that make the games money on mobile in lieu of something more tailored for the portable gaming crowd.

The press release from Nintendo details what players can expect from each game in the package. First, the Super Mario Bros. Edition.

The newest game, Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, resembles a classic Super Mario Bros. game with a puzzling twist. Players drag and match colorful orbs to chain combos to battle opponents, level up and clear stages. But the action beyond that simple drag-and-match premise reveals much deeper game play. The game transports players to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they recruit Bowser's baddies, like Goombas, Koopa Troopas and the Koopalings, along with much-loved characters like Toad and Yoshi to help fight more than 80 classic enemies across a variety of different worlds.

Next comes Puzzle & Dragons Z.

The second game, Puzzle & Dragons Z, which became a big hit in Japan and sold more than 1.5 million units in the first six months after launch, features similar drag-and-match game play with an even richer storyline. Players collect and battle a fantastic array of more than 250 Monsters, which can be hatched from Eggs that players gather from defeating enemies. Then, using collected Chips (from defeating enemies), players can evolve their Monsters to gain new Skills, a higher level cap and better stats on their quest to rebuild the world.

The package will drop on May 22, 2015. Earlier in the month, a free demo will launch as well on the Nintendo eShop.

Anyone scooping this crazy crossover up? I know I am, for better or worse.