I won’t lie to you. I’ve personally been trying to figure out what all the hullabaloo is over when it comes to the Puzzle & Dragons mobile games. The titles are free-to-play, and they’re popular in States and insanely popular in Japan.

I gave the match-three, dungeon crawling, battle RPG title a try a few months back. It sucked up a few hours of my free time before I moved on.

There’s a Super Mario Bros. version coming for the Nintendo 3DS on May 22. It’s actually two games in one, combining both Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition into a single package. Both games even feature their own storylines.

Now, if you’re on the fence about this like I am, you actually have the ability to download a demo. Starting today when Nintendo updates the eShop, gamers will have access to a demo for Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. I’ll be giving it a crack.

We’ll have more on this unique mash-up as we have it. I imagine we’ll be reviewing the title, too, so let’s see if it’s any good.