We didn’t think Pushbullet could get any better, but clearly we were wrong. The company pushed out its biggest update ever on Tuesday, introducing a new unified design across all platforms and adding the ability to chat with friends and groups.

The new Pushbullet is designed around individual conversations. You’ll find tabs for friends, people you follow, and most importantly “Me.” That’s where all the links and files you send between your own devices show up. Clicking on any one conversation brings up a chronological chat window and the option to share something new or just send a quick message.

The new chat feature works just as well as you’d expect from such a great app. Pushbullet says it knows which device you’re using at any time and only sends notifications there. It also ditches the usual spammy invite system. Instead, you can simply message a contact even if they don’t use Pushbullet. The app will let you know if they respond or decide to ignore you. Finally, you can block or temporarily mute people.

The Pushbullet update is available now for iOS and Android. There’s also a Windows version, which includes a chat-heads style design for easily organizing your current conversations without taking up too much desktop space. You can even create a chat-head for one of your own devices. The same new design is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, and on the Pushbullet website.

If you haven’t tried Pushbullet yet, there’s never been a better time. Check out the source links below to grab the update and learn more about the new and improved Pushbullet.