Pushbullet pro

Pushbullet is well regarded among mobile enthusiasts, allowing users to receive notifications on their computer from Android and iOS devices. More than that, you can also instantly share links and files between devices, making Pushbullet a crucial part to a person’s workflow; it’s a reason why we covered the service in a recent video.

Unfortunately, if you’re a heavy Pushbullet user, you might have to start paying in order to get the best out of the service. With Pushbullet Pro, which is an optional premium service, users can send files up to 1GB between devices, get mirrored notification action support, universal copy & paste, and priority support, among other features. If you don’t sign up for a pro account, you’ll only be able to send 100 messages per month.

You have two options if you want to sign up for a pro account: pay yearly or pay monthly. Paying yearly breaks down to $3.33 per month, or a lump sum of $40 for 12 months. Or you can simply pay $4.99 per month. If Pushbullet is an integral part of your day-to-day, I’d recommend going the yearly route to save money.

Pushbullet explained that it’s offering pro accounts in order to pay the bills.

Pushbullet costs money to run so the question is, how should Pushbullet pay its bills? We have chosen optional paid account because we believe this ensures the best Pushbullet for everyone.

We could have kept Pushbullet completely free, following the path of many free services by showing ads and selling data to make money. We don’t want to do that.

Users can pay for a pro account right now, but won’t be charged until December 1. Free users, meanwhile, can take advantage of pro features until next month, after which they’ll get a more watered-down experience.