Skype integration in Windows Phone 8

We're looking forward to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 "sneak peek" next week, during which the Redmond-based software giant will demonstrate some of the new features coming to its mobile platform later this year. As we mentioned in a report yesterday, one of those features is expected to be Skype integration, and these leaked screenshots seem to prove that.

Obtained by an "anonymous source" for Nokia Innovation, these purported Windows Phone 8 screenshots reveal the platform's new Skype integration features, as well as an overhauled camera application, and more.

It appears that incoming Skype calls will be displayed just like incoming voice calls in Windows Phone 8. You'll have the option to answer or ignore them, or "answer with voice only." That last option is perfect for those who like to laze around in their underwear on a Sunday morning. You know who you are.

Windows Phone 8 new camera app

The screenshots also show Skype integration within the People Hub, and a new camera app (above), which sports a new user interface with a clearer, more simplistic feel. It features just two buttons, plus a slider for controlling digital zoom. There's also a new feature called DataSmart, which allows you to monitor data usage natively and add a Live Tile to your home screen, and a new Nokia Drive 3.0 app (below).

Nokia Drive 3.0 in Windows Phone 8

Nokia Innovation stresses that they "CANNOT confirm if these are 100% legit or if they are fan-made." We'll find out during Microsoft's event next week.

Do you think these screenshots are genuine?

[via The Verge]