If you’re a globe trotting Verizon customer, your smartphone options can be somewhat limited. However, it appears that Big Red may be looking to bulk up its roster of devices capable of international travel. Said to be coming in the form of a software update, the HTC Rezound, DROID 4, and DROID RAZR are expected to receive a new “global feature” that will add support for this trio of devices in an “additional 185 countries.” This claim comes by way of the folks over at Droid-Life, but makes no mention if this software update will come bundled with each device’s Ice Cream Sandwich update, or if it will be a standalone push. Here’s a bit more background from a statement Verizon said earlier this year:

 The LTE phones work globally in over 40 countries that currently use CDMA technology…. For the new LTE phones to provide global roaming voice and data in non-CDMA countries, we are working on a few network enhancements so we can provide customers with the best voice and data roaming experience. We anticipate this capability to be available this year, likely the first half of the year.

If you own one of these three devices, it looks like it may be getting ready to apply for a passport.

[via: Droid-Life]