iPad 2 and iPad 3 Shell ComparisonA new photo acquired by RepairLabs suggests Apple’s next iPad will feature a larger battery, different camera and an LCD redesign. Thanks to an industry insider from China, the photo shows off two iPad shells sitting side by side, highlighting key differences that RepairLabs says hint at changes to come – although a slightly thicker frame isn’t one of them.

Basically, because the logic board mounts are different, RepairLabs has gleaned that the iPad 3 will allow for longer battery life, different camera and a different LCD, although no additional details were included. Details like: How many megapixels will the camera be? And whether or not we’ll see a Retina display. Apparently the source didn’t (or chose not to) divulge those specs.

While the photo comparison shows a clear difference in shells, the changes do not offer any evidence on what kind of enhancements the next iPad will bring. Many rumors are pointing to the inclusion of LTE, Retina display and an A6 processor, but some people aren’t so convinced. With the purported March timeframe nearing closer, the rumors keep piling up. Hopefully Apple will hit us with an event announcement soon so we can finally put all the speculation to rest.

[via Mac Rumors]