An unannounced Motorola-branded smartphone has been spotted on the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) online database. The documentation doesn't reveal anything about the handset, other than its model number (XT1723) and battery capacity — but they suggest that we're probably looking at the upcoming Moto E4.

As the handset is intended to be a successor to the budget-friendly Moto E3, it's not exactly a priority for leakers, which explains why we haven't heard anything about it up until now. That doesn't mean it's not worth your attention, though. Since its introduction back in 2014, the Moto E range has acquired a following for offering entry-level specs and timely updates at an affordable price.

A 4,000mAh battery

Typically, the FCC is the final pitstop a new smartphone makes before it hits the shelves — so it shouldn't be too much longer until we find out more about the Moto E4. For the time being, knowing it's set to ship with a 4,000mAh battery (up from the 3,500mAh cell found on board its predecessor) should be enough to keep Moto E fans interested.