Netflix released a teaser trailer for its coming Marvel The Punisher series last week. It was more of a tease than anything, but less than a week later, we have another tease, this time in the form of an image.

We first met the Punisher as a minor character in the second season of Daredevil, and the take on Frank Castle was well-received. Jon Bernthal as the anti-hero character was a match made in heaven. The first image released by Netflix shows off the Punisher’s full costume that harkens back to his roots. He again dons the blacked out look, but instead of the classic t-shirt with the white skull at the center, he wears a jumpsuit with skull patterned out in the middle with white paint. It’s a rugged, tattered look that fits the character.

As for Jon Bernthal’s haunting scowl, it will definitely make the bad guys quake in their boots.

Netflix has yet to reveal when the Punisher series will come out, but it should be before the year ends. It will be the next piece of the puzzle in Marvel’s growing TV show line-up on Netflix that most recently added The Defenders.

We still don’t know what storyline The Punisher will explore, but even without knowing, we can already predict we’ll enjoy watching Jon Bernthal kick ass.