With this week's recent release of download content from Nintendo, the company has put the Wii version of Punch-Out!! up on the Wii U's eShop at 50 percent off. Just like Super Mario Galaxy 2 before it, Punch-Out!! is part of the new run of Nintendo releasing Wii game's digitally to be played natively on the Wii U.

That 50 percent off price point is a temporary one. Super Mario Galaxy 2 hit the Wii U digitally at the same price, but now it's up to $19.99. Expect the same from Punch-Out!! in a week or so.

You can head to Nintendo's official site to check out all the stuff it has on the game, and you can even buy it digitally there. Well, sort of. Buying it there gets you a code to enter into your Wii U's eShop as the browser on your computer isn't exactly linked to your console in the same way it is for the PlayStation or Xbox services.

Regardless, Punch-Out!! is a really solid Wii game that not everyone played when it originally released. If you have 10 bucks and some free time, snap it up. When it moves back up to $19.99, though, it'll still be a cheaper option to buy it from the eShop than used. It's selling for $25 at least in physical form.