We were promised a roadmap for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and that’s exactly what we got on Thursday. Brendan Greene, the mastermind behind the battle royale phenomenon, finally revealed a comprehensive roadmap for what to expect in the coming months, and it will include two new maps, weapons, game modes, and much more.

According to Greene, his team is going to really start buckling down on releasing more polished features and squashing bugs that continue to plague the game. Going forward, players can expect “a major content delivery cycle every two months,” introducing new content and changes to the core experience. Smaller updates will also be added throughout the year.

Here are some of the highlights from Greene’s announcement:

New maps: PUBG will get two new maps this year, including one that’s just 4x4km. “It will offer a higher player density and shorter matches,” Greene explained. Players will get to check out the map on PUBG’s new Experimental Test Server next month. There will also be a new map that’s 8x8km in size, which is the size of Erangal and Miromar.

New animations: Along with an emote system, PUBG will get smoother animations that are reactive to environments. Now, when you get inside a vehicle or change seats, animations will reflect more realistic movements.

Revamped parachute system: Greene says the parachuting system will be more responsive and polished, which hopefully means players will no longer be suspended in mid-air when they’re landing.

Limb and vehicle bullet penetration: With a revamped ballistic system, bullets will now penetrate limbs and vehicles, adding more realism to the experience.

Improved sound: PUBG will introduce more dynamic sound. So, if you’re carrying certain equipment, your character will produce different sounds compared to someone who has no equipment. Details of vehicle and gun sounds will also be tweaked.

In addition, Greene says the team is working on new weapons and vehicles, improved aesthetics, and game modes, though it’s unclear what these games modes will be. Check out Greene’s blog post for a full rundown of what to expect throughout the year.