Double Fine, burdened with developing too many games at the moment, was unable to pick up the distribution rights to its games Costume Quest and Stacking when former publisher THQ went bankrupt . Like Superman, Nordic Games swooped in and snagged the two properties off of the auction, and it has generously handed them back into the loving embrace of its creator.

In exchange, the two companies have announced a distribution partnership that will see Costume Quest and Stacking put on the same disc. Along for the ride will also be Double Fine's beloved platforming game Psychonauts, finally getting another long overdue chance on the retail market.

The heads of both companies chimed in on the news. Every quote in the press release seems like Nordic Games is trying to defend its reputation from the jokesters at Double Fine.

"I am pleased that we have regained full control over Costume Quest and Stacking, following a daring and top-secret midnight raid on the Nordic Games headquarters in Vienna," said Double Fine President and CEO Tim Schafer.

"We can't wait to partner with Double Fine for this upcoming retail launch of three of its most excellent games," added CEO and Owner of Nordic Games, Lars Wingefors. "However, I feel compelled to point out that we were happy to transfer distribution rights for Costume Quest and Stacking back to Double Fine in an entirely non-secretive and heist-free manner."

"Double Fine is dedicated to controlling its own IP, and we will continue working to bring all associated rights back in-house whenever possible," said Double Fine Business Development VP Justin Bailey, "no matter how many split-second security system hacks or painstaking tunneling operations we have to execute."

"I just want to clarify, again, that we support the right of independent developers to control their own distribution, and we were pleased to have the opportunity to work with Double Fine," said Managing Director at Nordic Games Klemens Kreuzer. "No heists."

It's a happy ending for everyone. Double Fine gets its properties back under its wings thanks to a publisher helping them out. Nordic Games gets to look like a good guy in the eyes of the indie scene, but might be a little square on the sense of humor side of things. Best of all, everyone now has a chance to buy Psychonauts again!

Of course, I've already purchased it for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and both through Steam and the Humble Bundle, so I'm not exactly sure I need a new copy. Oh well, a lot of people out there still might. Costume Quest and Stacking are both decent games, too.