Sources around the net are pointing towards this week (beginning 1/23/11) as to when Sony will be unveiling their oft-rumored PSP2. As that bomb approaches detonation, Japanese newspaper Nikkei has published their own storm of information regarding the next portable from Sony, and even a bit about the upcoming phone.

Regarding the PSP2 proper, the paper indicates that the device will have an OLED screen and a 3G wireless connection. The OLED screen would be all kinds of better than the current screens offered on any model of the PSP. It would display richer blacks, better contrast, great refresh rates and drain less battery life.

But the 3G connection? This one’s huge. Nikkei says that the device will ship with both 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities (though it makes no mention of a separate unit with only Wi-Fi), and that the 3G network support will be provided by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. DoCoMo is the nation’s largest cellular provider and the one with the really sweet mushroom mascots.

This 3G connection will allow the device to download movies, music and games and play multiplayer titles anywhere that DoCoMo is available. There are no details concerning subscription fees or bandwidth costs.

Let’s hope, if this is true, that the PSP2 rocks 3G service with the same free-to-use mentality as devices like Amazon’s Kindle. But, odds are that won’t be the case. Consider the strain downloading games and movies will put on 3G networks across the country. AT&T is currently charging for small bandwidth overages. Let’s see the subscription fees and overages associated with a month of hardcore geeking. Scary stuff.

Where the PlayStation Phone is concerned, the information divulged is sparse. The device will make use of buttons for game control, and it will run on a version of Android.

Sony’s press conference is slated for the 27th of this month (that’s Thursday). Until then, treat all of this news, including the fan-made image above, as nothing more than conjecture. The internet is great for that, ain’t it?

We’ll have more information as it flows in, so stay tuned.

[via Andriasang and Nikkei]