Joystiq has received confirmation from Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) that the PSP Go will remain in production for the North American territory. This news comes after learning that the PSP Go will no longer be made or distributed in either Europe or Asia. It was assumed that the discontinuation of the device applied to the rest of the world, but, apparently, it didn't. And, of course, we just published an obituary for the device itself.

Well, if there was ever a way to tell something it should go away, it would be done best by writing a premature obituary. My points still stand. The device's digital distribution format is solid, but ridding users of their UMD libraries was a poor mistake. The ergonomic design is, frankly, terrible.

And yet here we stand, with SCEA ready and willing to continue pumping out new units. As Sony told Joystiq, "We are continuing production of PSP Go for North America." The PSP Go must be moving at least slightly in order for production to continue with any real justification. It's too bad the gaming world hasn't been let in on any solid total sales figures lately in order to gain a better understanding of the handheld's position.

With the NGP looming largely on the horizon, Sony's likely to dwindle production of the PSP Go down to nil as time goes by. For now? North America seems to be the last production location for the system itself. Once production is officially halted, we'll bring the news. Odds are, that will officially happen as soon as Sony's ready to clear a path for their next attempt at handheld brilliance: the NGP.

Are there any PSP Go owners among the TechnoBuffalo faithful? How do you like your device? If you love it, why? If you hate it, tell us that too. Inquiring minds need to know!

[via Joystiq]