With its successor here in the form of the PlayStation Vita, it looks like PSP titles are being pulled from 25% of GameStop stores.

This news is not shocking to anyone, surely. Sony’s PSP is aging quite a bit, and its performance can’t keep up with the demand of today’s market. It’s only natural that we see the handheld’s titles stripped from shelves around the U.S. In fact, 25% of GameStop stores actually seems a bit low.

With a large and ever-growing selection of PSP titles available for download on the Vita’s PlayStation Store, you’d be hard pressed not to question anyone who would be in the market to purchase a PSP right now, anyways.

While it’s only the beginning, this seems to be the start of the end of an era. The PSP had a great run, but it just can’t keep up with modern handhelds out there today. We expect to see more retailers along with a larger percent of GameStop stores to rid their stock of PSP games.

[via Kotaku]