In spite of PlayStation Now, the PSOne Classics line-up still has not been killed off. Localizing team MonkeyPaw has six games lined up to be released, some of them making their American debut.

First up, starting this week, is the fighting game Double Dragon, which will be available for $5.99. From the looks of it, it is a negligible 2D fighting game that doesn’t hold up to the rivals of its day, let alone modern fighting games. It is the future releases which hold some quality looking titles.

Editor’s note from Joey: Ron and I must have grown up with different sets of friends… I loved Double Dragon.

MonkeyPaw plans to follow up with a handful of other obscure games called Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny, Hyper Crazy Climber, Wolf Fang and the most highly anticipated of the bunch, Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. All will be available or $5.99, except Tomba! 2 which will be $9.99.

I haven’t played many of these games aside from Tomba! 2 so there might be a gem or two hidden in there. I have played the earlier games in both The Firemen and Wolf Fang‘s series, and the renegade sequels look like a blast. The screenshots make most of the others look like fun. I don’t really know about that Lucifer Ring though.

It’s nice to see the PSOne Classics line-up is still alive and kicking. Where’s my Brave Fencer Musashi, Square Enix?