On Wednesday, the classic PlayStation One title Buzz Lightyear of Star Command showed up in the Vita’s PlayStation Store for European gamers. The title was available to be purchased but when it was, it didn’t work. The game was eventually pulled from the store.

Upon downloading the game, users could open up the “LiveArea” and view its manual and check the PS Store for DLC. Of course none of this is useful unless the game is up and running, which it wasn’t.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida made a statement via his Twitter account claiming that Sony is working hard to bring PSOne Classics to the Vita. He urged consumers to be patient, assuring us that the content is on its way.

It would certainly be nice to be able to relive some of those old PSOne Classic titles on the Vita. The console already offers an extremely broad library of content ranging from original Vita titles to PSP games and even some PlayStation Minis. It would be cool to add PSOne Classics to that category. With the slipping sales of the PlayStation Vita, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to have these titles available as a selling point for potential buyers.

Sony realizes that this request seems to be at the top of the list for Vita users. Them saying that they’re “hard at work” bringing PSOne Classics is sure to ease some nerves. At least they acknowledged the request. Also, seeing Buzz Lightyear of Star Command pop up for download is a good sign, even if the game didn’t work.

We hope to see PSOne Classics on the PlayStation Vita soon. You can never go wrong with bringing more content to a platform.

What do you think about this PSOne Classic making a brief cameo on the PS Store?

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