PlayStation.Blog has provided gamers an update concerning the current progress of the restoration of the PlayStation Network and scheduled maintenance that will disable particular bits of the PSN itself. With this update comes good news and bad news, but the entire set of work moves the PlayStation Network closer to its goal of full stability.

First of all, the PlayStation Store will not be releasing today. It was previously rumored through a supposed memo that circulated amongst Sony's first party developers which indicated that the PlayStation Store would be up on May 24th. Those with calendars or a grand sense of time will likely recognize that today is, in fact, May 24th. The PlayStation.Blog update brings news that the store front will, hopefully, be relaunched by the target date Sony set for their entire service a few weeks back … by the end of May.

That means gamers still have at least a week to wait until they can access downloadable content or take advantage of the free games being offered in Sony's Welcome Back program.

Regarding the scheduled maintenece and downtime of certain network elements, Sony's got us covered. The downtime should run for around 9-ish hours, but most probably won't even notice it. The annoucnement from PlayStation.Blog:

PlayStation Network is scheduled to undergo maintenance today, from about 8am until approximately 5pm Pacific time. During this time, registration and Account Management will be inaccessible, including the password reset process. While some users may experience difficulty signing in to PSN, the majority of consumers will be able to play online as well as sign in to external sites that require PSN authentication…

Odds are, you'll probably be able to go on playing online without even noticing the outage.

Sony seems to be sticking their projected end-of-the-month finalization. Let's hope they hit it.

[via PlayStation.Blog]