Yesterday, a PSA-style post went live on Game Informer that suggested a specific design flaw was present in the PlayStation Vita.

Apparently, their review unit arrived with a charging cable and charging slot that allowed them to plug in the cable any way they chose. Unfortunately, the device only charged when plugged in correctly, with the PlayStation logo facing up.

That caused one editor to lose his game progress entirely. Yep, that stinks. He took it upon himself to draft up the telling of his tale for the world to see so that others would have the chance to avoid his mistake. We thank this editor for it, but have decided to take the time to counter his point.

In the video above, you'll see that the retail PlayStation Vita sports a charging cable that only connects to the base of the unit when facing one direction (with the PlayStation logo pointed up).

People were rightfully getting frustrated in the comments below the post in question. Hey, quite honestly, if this design were to actually make it to retail, we'd be pretty cranky too. Using a portable gaming device, or any device that costs a lot and claims to be cutting edge, should be an easy and intuitive experience. The way their unit recharges is the opposite.

We assume Game Informer is sporting a unit that made it out of the factory way before ours did. As such, their handheld may not feature the same product decisions as ours.

So, charge away, friends. Have no fear; if it's plugged in, you're golden.

[via Game Informer]