iPhone - Don't Buy - A New One is ComingThe supposed iPhone 5 announcement is less than a month away. That right there should indicate perhaps you should hold off on buying an iPhone 4S in the immediate future. But we still felt a post of this nature was necessary.

If you've been following up on the news over the past several months — really, it's unavoidable — then you know what the iPhone 5 will probably look like, and when it might be released. With that in mind, and with prices dropping at retailers across the U.S., it should really go without saying, though it bears repeating: Don't buy an iPhone right now. Wait. Wait the short month and a half until Apple unveils what its next handset will be. (Hint: This.)

Even with all of our recent coverage, we consistently get emails with the question, "Should I get the iPhone 4S or wait?" We got asked the question multiple times just last week.

Wait. Please. Be patient. You'll have a new device soon. And if you don't like what Apple announces on September 12, you can always go for the lower-priced iPhone 4S, which will take advantage of most of the iOS 6 features Apple detailed in June. Or… you can go with many of the great Android options out there.

Why wait if the iPhone 5 will look a lot like the iPhone 4S? Bigger screen, refined design, smaller dock connector, likely LTE connectivity and improved camera optics, which is upgraded with every iteration. Nobody likes to get something only for it to be one up'd by its younger brother, so do yourself a favor and resist the urge. Your itch may be satiated by preorders possibly going up on September 12, so you don't have much longer to wait.