The Battlefield 3 beta is officially available on all platforms for all gamers interested in playing. The beta itself includes a single map, Operation Métro, and one game type, Rush. This is the same map that the press played over the course of E3 in June, so you'll have a chance to see what we saw back then.

The beta will only last until October 10th, roughly a week and a half from today.

DICE was kind enough to post specific downloading instructions for snagging the beta on each individual platform. Here's what they offer:

PlayStation 3 (U.S.)
From storefront, click on View All By Title
Click on B
Click on Battlefield 3 Locate the Battlefield 3 Beta

PlayStation 3 (Europe)
From storefront, click on Demos
Click on A-C Locate the Battlefield 3 Open Beta

Xbox 360
The Battlefield 3 Open Beta will be visible in the Xbox Live Marketplace under Demos, or you can go to via this link and add the Open Beta to your Xbox 360 download queue automatically.

If you have already installed our new download service Origin, go to the section "Free games", where the Battlefield 3 Open Beta will appear for download. You can also head to this product page via the web. If you have not installed Origin yet, it will ask you to do so before proceeding with the download of the Open Beta itself.

I went ahead and downloaded my 1.3 GBs of beta goodness this morning; once it was finished, I tried to hop into a quick game and found the process to be a little tough. I'm sure there's a ton of strain on EA's servers right now, so consider this a fair warning: you may have to wait to get into a game.

Or, hopefully, they'll get their business in line and we'll all be capturing points in no time at all.

Which platform did you grab the beta for, and what do you think of Battlefield 3 so far?

[via Battlefield Blog]