PlayStation 4, Share Button, Angle

During their Gamescom 2014 presentation, Sony announced its plans to finally release Share Play. This system would allow friends to pick up and play any game on the system, regardless of whether or not they actually own the title in question.

If Eric has a copy of, say, inFamous: Second Son that I want to try, he can grant me access to his game and let me stream some play time to my machine. Think of it like PlayStation Now, except the source console is my friend's.

We could also use Share Play to create a virtual couch for some Internet-based local multiplayer, too. If Eric and I want to tangle in Towerfall Ascension, we can do so through Share Play.

Since the announcement, some clarification has been given regarding exactly how long each of these Share Play sessions will last.

The good news is that you can play an unlimited number of times. Share Play as many times as you like with the same game, for instance. The bad news? Each session is limited to 60 minutes. Once that hour is hit, you're done.

Sony has not made it clear exactly how much time needs to pass in order for you to start another Share Play session, so you could hypothetically end one 60 minute experience, exit out, boot it back up and start another.

Share Play seems like a really cool idea, especially if both players have a rock solid Internet connection that keeps lag out of the way.

We'll see how it works once it releases as a firmware update for the PlayStation 4 this fall.