One of the PlayStation 4’s stupid problems has gotten a little less stupid. No, not the inability to change your Network ID. Instead, Sony’s European PlayStation arm announced that Trophies will sync faster.

The company broke the good news on Twitter.

If you didn’t know this, you have to actually open up your Trophies screen on the PS4 to sync the information with your most recent accomplishments. This has been true since the creation of Trophies on the PlayStation 3. Syncing takes far longer than it should, though that’s supposedly improved… for Europe, at least.

I still can’t figure out why this problem even exists. Why not sync that Trophy information automatically in the background during normal console use? Microsoft manages it just fine on the Xbox, yet it’s always been a bit broken for Sony.

How is this still a thing? It’s a minor annoyance, sure, but the console you buy and the potential premium subscription you have for online services make annoyances like this rather obnoxious.

Well, at least Sony knows. They wouldn’t be tweeting about minor tweaks if they didn’t think this was a problem. They know it’s messed up, so hopefully, they eventually fix it for good.