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The big 2.50 update for the PlayStation 4 firmware, dubbed Yukimura, now has a release date, and it's a lot closer than we expected.

The update will be available sometime tomorrow. If you're planning on booting your system up to play Bloodborne, you may want to do so a few minutes earlier than you were planning.

The headlining feature of the update is also one of the most requested: the ability to suspend games rather than quit them entirely when you turn off the system.

While that's the biggest and most difficult to implement feature, it's certainly not the only one.

Trophies are getting a bunch of substantial tweaks. There will be new ways to sort trophies, and games with zero earned trophies can be removed from your listing, letting you wipe the embarrassment from your record forever. The system will also automatically take a screenshot when you earn a trophy, which could end up with some pretty cool results. Captured gameplay clips can now be uploaded to Dailymotion in addition to YouTube, as well.

Accessibility is also a big part of the update. Buttons can be remapped, but that's just the start. There are options for image zoom, enlarged text, text to speech and color inversion as well.

No word currently on just how big the update will be, but it hits tomorrow, March 26.