Scrooge McDuck

As companies are reporting on their last fiscal quarter (the period running from April through June 2015), we’re getting a look at how each gaming system is selling. For instance, Nintendo just announced that the Wii U has crossed the 10 million sold mark. Good for them, but small potatoes compared to the PlayStation 4.

Sony reported that the PlayStation 4 has sold 25 million units since launch. This past quarter, the console sold more than 3 million units. That’s up from the 2.7 million they sold over the same period last year.

The crazy bit? The PlayStation 4 sold 47 percent more than double the Xbox One and Xbox 360 last quarter. That’s combined. Put the Xbox One’s sales and the Xbox 360’s sales together, double that number, add 47 percent of that number to itself and you’ll get the total PlayStation 4 sales.

All of those console sales lead to a “significant” increase in sales for the Game & Network Services division of Sony. The company reports that that division made $2.365 billion during last quarter.

The bad news? The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita were missing from the report entirely.