This interesting data point was plucked from an interview between Glixel, the gaming arm of Rolling Stone, and the head of Sony Europe, Jim Ryan.

“We were confident about the product but have really been taken aback by how well it’s done,” Ryan said of the PS4 Pro. “Almost one in five PlayStations sold since that launch in November has been a Pro. That’s significantly ahead of our expectations. We’re feeling pretty good about that.”

He continued those remarks by revealing the roughly 40 percent of PlayStation 4 Pro purchases are done by folks upgrading from the standard PlayStation 4.

“People just want the best. Maybe they just want to future proof? I think we see the same thing from Apple customers too – there are people that want the best that you can buy.”

If I could justify the expense, I’d probably be in that 40 percent. However, I don’t have a 4K capable television or the spare scratch to plunk down $399 on a new console when my standard PlayStation 4 has been serving me just fine.

That’s part of what I think is so interesting with the PlayStation 4 Pro. To me, it’s a luxury upgrade. It isn’t 100% necessary to enjoy the platform. When the Xbox Scorpio comes out, I think Microsoft may be able to make the argument that those who want the best should upgrade. The PS4 Pro, though? 4K and HDR isn’t enough for me.

Do you own a Pro?