This is a fun little advertisement, I suppose.

Earlier this week, plenty of PlayStation 4 users noticed that Sony was trying out a new method of content promotion with the update to console firmware 3.0. For folks who didn’t own Destiny, Sony placed a link to the game in the PlayStation Store directly in the line of apps and titles already on the console.

At first glance, it looks like you already own Destiny. Here’s a pic NeoGAF user MMaRsu snapped of his console sporting the ad.

Destiny GAF

This can be turned off easily, folks. Don’t fret. Here’s the deal.

From the PS4’s dashboard, scroll over to settings. Hop into “System” and then “Automatic Downloads.” From there, you’ll want to uncheck the “Featured Content” option. That’ll stop these links from showing up in your “library” of titles.

Pretty weird, right? I got the ad this week as well, thought it was odd and moved on. Plenty of gamers are upset about this one, though.

What do you think?