If you buy Assassin's Creed III for the PlayStation 3, you'll wind up with four extra campaign missions that feature one of the most infamous traitors in the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold. The trailer above dishes a few of the goods on what transpires.

The Benedict Arnold missions are, in fact, rooted in at least some level of truth. Arnold did take command of West Point, and he did once plan to hand it over to the British. He was weakening the military installation from within, a plot that meant a British siege would more than likely succeed.

Arnold was found a traitor, though, and wound up defecting to the British side of the war. He was made a brigadier general in the process.

At which point in that timeline an Assassin flew into the rank at George Washington's request I'm not sure. Still, history buffs with a love of gaming might want to pick up the PlayStation 3 version of Assassin's Creed III specifically to dive into this content.

Speaking as someone who does not intend to buy this game for the PlayStation 3, ahem, this is lame. Console exclusive content is, in my opinion, problematic. Ubisoft signed a deal with Sony, as such, a huge chunk of their gaming audience won't ever see what likely amounts to a couple hours of actual storyline content. How is that okay?

Sure, it's just business; but, this console specific exclusivity, from missing missions to timed DLC releases, is absolute garbage for consumers.

[via PlayStation Blog]