Wild ARMs 3

If you want a brief glimpse into the future of Sony's plans for PlayStation 2 emulation, the ESRB has rated five more titles that could be in the works for a PlayStation 4 release.

Three of the games will be making their debut as PlayStation 2 Classics for digital re-release, and these include Wild ARMs 3, Okage: The Shadow King and Ape Escape 3. The other two are already available on the PlayStation 3: Primal and Siren.

While probably not coincidence, all five games are first-party titles that are owned by Sony, hinting that this will probably be a Sony exclusive show for a while. The previous ESRB leaks support this as well. Retooling older games for trophy support and other amenities is most likely a hard sell for some third-party publishers.

I'd like to try Wild ARMs 3 since I am a fan of the original, and Okage: The Shadow King might hold up a bit better since awkward titles are more in style than when it was first released. The rest I could live without unless Ape Escape 3 is just as much fun as the older ones.