Tearaway, in case you haven’t been following the game, is a papercraft adventure exclusively for the PS Vita. This charming little title comes from Media Molecule, the same studio that gave the world LittleBigPlanet.

Today, Sony and Media Molecule elected to drop several brand new media assets on the gaming community. We have a fresh gameplay trailer at the head of this post, and a gallery of in-game screenshots for you to thumb through below. The media all comes from All Games Beta, so we owe them a drink.

Personally, my PS Vita hasn’t seen too much play as of late. Tearaway looks exactly like the type of game that will force me to charge the portable up and power through a few marathon sessions. The personality whafting off of these screens and the new trailer is really exciting.

Tearaway will hit the PS Vita on October 22nd, 2013. We’ll follow this one closely until then.

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