With the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita both set to see firmware updates on the same day, owners of both platforms have a lot to be excited for. In particular, gamers who make use of the Remote Play feature with titles that sport 60fps gameplay have a reason to be excited.

As long as the game and your home network supports both the framerate and the bandwidth, PS4 update 2.50 and PS Vita update 3.50 bring both Remote Play and Share Play up to 60fps.

You can tweak the settings yourself if you notice some unwanted stuttering once the update goes live, if you’re not happy with the 60fps setting. But, if all looks great and your PS Vita and home network keep up with the data transfer, get ready to rock and roll with super crisp and smooth gameplay.

This is actually a pretty great update. I personally didn’t even think that 60fps would be possible between the PS Vita and PS4 over home wireless, but here we are. I can’t wait to get these updates downloaded and installed so that I can try this for myself.

Both updates go live tomorrow, March 26, 2015. Stay tuned for more.