Powdered Toast Man

PS Vita’s firmware version 3.50 has been out since March 26, 2015. It removed Maps and a bunch of Near stuff from the system, and it allowed for 60fps Remote Play with the PlayStation 4.

All of that stuff was announced ahead of the firmware’s launch. This latest bit of information? Unannounced, and it seems like more of a positive side effect rather than feature update based purely on conjecture.

Version 3.50 of the PS Vita’s firmware allows for 30 percent more memory size usage in games. Presumably, this extra cushion comes from the decision to cut some memory sucking social elements from the handheld’s OS. The word comes from the Unite 2015 Tokyo event by way of this picture snapped during the presentation.

PS Vita Memory Upgrade

What this means for games, obviously, remains to be seen. Clearly, by announcing the resource boost, Sony intends to let developers produce games that require a little more in terms of memory. That means we might see new efforts with better design, or older games may receive some performance improving stats.

We’ll see.

Whatever the case may be, it’s great that the handheld just received a nice upgrade in memory capacity. Whether it was on purpose or a side effect of removing unwanted and unused applications.