Given the right marketplace and price, I think the PS Vita TV is a brilliant little product from Sony.

This $100 box plays Vita games on TV using the DualShock 3. It can also remote play PlayStation 4 games in the same house. It has access to all the older software selling on the PlayStation Store as well. It’s a good idea that could have done wonders for the PS Vita brand.

In Japan, it’s not doing so well. After opening up with a solid showing at 42,000 units sold back on November 14th, sales for the mini console have dropped like a rock.

For the sales week of November 18th until the 24th, the PS Vita TV moved 7,868 units in Japan. And during the most recent reported week, November 25th through December 1st, the PS Vita TV sold 5,391 units.

Sony currently has no intentions of bringing the PS Vita TV west. That depends on its success in places like Japan. Based on numbers like these, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see the interesting device in Europe or the U.S.

I would definitely drop $100 on a way to play PS Vita, PSP and PS One games on my TV. Maybe I’m alone in that regard. What say you folks?