I sat down and gave the PS Vita TV a go at TGS this year. Remarkably, an open seat had opened for the first time all day just as I was walking by, so I wasted no time in jumping right in.

The Sony assistant explained to me that this was only the film options available through the PlayStation Store. It was a little disappointing because the game lines were still long, but I'm convinced now that the PS Vita TV is a viable option as an entertainment set.

I skimmed through its online catalog movies, anime and trailers, some of which had just been released from theaters out here. All were all available at the touch of the PlayStation control pad and were blazing in glorious HD.

If it weren't for the vast difference in quality of the gaming libraries, you might never have needed to buy a PlayStation 3 again. Every video option available through the bulky PlayStation 3 was available on the slick little PS Vita TV unit.

I didn't get to try any games, but I watched over the shoulder. The most exciting game available was Monster Hunter, so wahoo?

The Vita itself can be used a a controller, and a typical DualShock 3 is also an option. Maybe even the normal Six-Axis if you are cheap and never upgraded like myself. As for gameplay, two friends were able to play from the same device, one from his hand and the other from the TV.

Online local multiplayer from the couch together. The future people.

I didn't see any cross play options or anyone making use of the Vita like a Wii U control pad, but I'm expecting more and more options like that to come along as the idea matures more. Should it become a hit, will people refer to the PS Vita TV as the Wii U's rival?

Only if it comes stateside, where the handheld currently is not performing well at all. Maybe this is the boost it might need.