If you have a PS Vita, it's time to bust out your system and update to version 3.00. A new clip from Sony shows off what you can expect to find when the update is finished.

As the video touts, one of the biggest features coming to the PS Vita with version 3.00 is PS4 Link. Once the PlayStation 4 launches on Nov. 15th (next week!), users will be able to fire up the application in order to connect to their new console for Remote Play and Second Screen options.

Parental Controls can now be accessed from the home screen, something I'm sure many parents will take advantage of come Christmas morning. The Friends application has been improved with new tabs, the Party icon has changed, and you can now hop into Settings to download future updates automatically.

Finally, you'll be able to display our PS4 trophies on your PS Vita. That's good for bragging on the bus, right? We all totally do that… right? No?