PS Vita Home Screen

The PS Vita is losing some of its features pretty soon. The portable will lose three separate apps in two firmware updates coming in March and April of this year.

First, Maps and Near will be dropped in the March update. The Maps application is pretty self-explanatory. Near was sort of like a Streetpass meets geography based gaming leaderboard service. I'll be honest, I only booted those applications up around the system's launch. I fiddled with them, and then never used them again.

The April update will see the removal of an application that's likely more popular than the aforementioned duo. YouTube is going the way of the dodo on the PS Vita. Again, personally, I didn't use this one either. My PS Vita was a strictly gaming machine, though I imagine some users will feel the sting of this drop more than others.

This likely all boils down to reduced usage and cost of upkeep. Sony can't afford to maintain these applications, and their limited use likely doesn't make the cost expenditure worth the time.

Smartphones pretty much kill the need for a Maps and YouTube app, though, don't they?

Are you upset by this news? Or, does it really even bother you at all?