It’s official — the 3G model of the PlayStation Vita is launching on AT&T on February 22. And coming along for the ride are two new data plan options geared for this gaming crowd. These don’t require term contracts, but are more like session-based plans that take cues from modern tablet data plans. For now, they’ll launch alongside the Sony touch-tastic handheld console in two flavors:

•$14.99, 250 MB •$25, 2GB

If you’re currently an AT&T subscriber with a smartphone under a limited 3G data plan, then those numbers will look awfully familiar to you. In fact, the only difference for PS Vita users and smartphone users is the $15 option: phone owners only get 200 MB per month at that price.

At those prices, we’d recommend you do most of your downloading at Wi-Fi locations. Portable online gaming, however, might be alright under the 2 GB plan. Bandwidth consumption will likely vary between games.

Anyone snagging the PS Vita when it arrives next month? Let us know what your plans are in the comments below.