Placing download limits on 3G devices is nothing new, so Sony is certainly not violating a norm here by revealing that, at launch, the PS Vita will only allow users to download a maximum of 20MB when they are on 3G.  The news comes from an interview with a Sony Computer Entertainment rep done by Japanese publication ASCII.

The representative from SCE indicates that the Vita will be limited to 20MB sized downloads at launch, he does however stipulate that the cap may change later down the line. Users that want to download larger files will need to do so while connected to Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, when asked about the memory cards for the PlayStation Vita, the representative confirmed that these are unique, proprietary storage units. That fact most PS Vita followers have already known. The proprietary cards will be distributed from 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB and will cost roughly between $30 and $130.

However, what's new here is that he revealed that Sony has no intention to make the cards work with any other future device. These memory cards, unlike the PRO Duos that were used with the PSPs, will only work with the PS Vita hardware. The PRO Duos could have been used in other major Sony products, like their line of digital cameras.

The representative did not explain the company's decision to go with a completely new memory card format, but did say that their creation is intended for the life of the platform.

We're left wondering why Sony felt the need to create brand new cards here. Apparently, it's not like they'll be spreading them to other devices. Why not just stick with the PRO Duos and allow consumers to re-use their perfectly stable memory cards from previous hardware?

It's was previously announced that some game cartridges will have save slots built in, so you won't need to purchase a memory card in order to play them. However, if you want to enjoy the PS Vita library fully, you'll need to pick up extra memory for your device.

Where do you stand on the proprietary, single-use memory decision?

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