After sitting in fifth place behind Nintendo's newest handheld and a host of aging consoles, the PlayStation Vita has finally enjoyed a nice boost in sales in Japan. Why? The system has now seen the launch of a widely popular entry an in RPG franchise, Persona 4 Golden.

Here are the sales stats for this pastweek, as per Andriasang. Please note that the figures within the paranthesis are the sales numbers for the previous week.

  • Nintendo 3DS: 61,793 (64,875)
  • PlayStation Vita: 34,459 (13,383)
  • PlayStation 3: 14,673 (15,593)
  • PSP: 9,740 (10,038)
  • Wii: 5,963 (6,029)
  • PlayStation 2: 1,237 (1,091)
  • Xbox 360: 1,084 (1,001)
  • Nintendo DSi LL: 689 (615)
  • Nintendo DSi: 380 (383)

Persona 4 Golden, the remake of the classic RPG for the PlayStation 2, is currently the highest selling game in Japan. Unfortunately, it's only one of two PS Vita titles in the entire top 20.

If you've been a regular reader of TechnoBuffalo and have followed these sales posts, then you know that I've been yelling the same thing about the PS Vita's fate in Japan for months on end. It's needed a killer RPG. The system launched without any defiantly Japanese style games. Because of that, its sales at home have been lackluster. With games like Persona 4 in the fold, the system will enjoy stronger success. If a Monster Hunter comes? It'll be set for a good long time.

As for the U.S.? We'll see Persona 4 Golden later this year. While I don't think it will bolster the device's sales the same way here in the States, I do hope PS Vita owners will run out and buy Atlus' awesome remake.

[via Andriasang]