We have brand new consoles from Sony and Microsoft on the cusp of showing us some great stuff, while Nintendo’s system has matured and is starting to show us what it can do. Nintendo and Sony both have great handhelds, and I haven’t even mentioned PC gaming yet. In our Most Anticipated series, we’ll be looking at each of the platforms one by one, highlighting some of the games we’re looking most forward to.

Of course, some of this year’s most anticipated games are coming to more than one platform, so we’ve included those in each applicable platform. Finally, we can’t fit every game into, so once you’ve read our list, tell us what we missed and what you’re looking forward to!

Borderlands 2

Sure, it might seem silly to be jazzed about a port of an increasingly old shooter that’s available on a ton of other platforms. We grant you that.

However, Borderlands 2 and the PS Vita marry two ideas that belong together. A loot heavy shooter RPG with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer meets a portable handheld with a penchant for comfortable controls and great graphics.

Yes, we’ve already bought and played Borderlands 2. Yes, we’ll buy and play it again on the PS Vita this year. Can you blame us? Hopefully it’ll come with all the DLC that’s been released so far.



This action shooter from Dynamighty, set in the classic Cold War era of espionage, has style to spare.

Dynamighty, the developer behind Counterspy, is apparently made up of past staff from LucasArts and Pixar, so maybe some of the spirit of the teams’ past projects will find its way into this stealth sidescroller.

Deception IV: Blood Ties (PlayStation 3, PS Vita)

We only just recently stumbled across Deception IV: Blood Ties, but all it took was one magical trailer to put this one on our map. While seemingly absurd and being made for just shock value, the Deception series has a long history dating back to the original PlayStation.

Traps have always been the backbone of the series. Huge and elaborate traps made to humiliate, brutalize, and just play straight up silly jokes on whatever enemies jump into the fray. Everything from simple banana peels to the iron maiden itself, there is no shortage of wicked devilty which can’t be turned into a trap.

It might seem ridiculous, but Deception IV: Blood Ties is a thinking man’s game with precise timing and planning, much like The Incredible Machine games back on your elementary school Mac. Just be sure not to fall into your own genius creation.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PlayStation 3, PS Vita)

While some of the other Final Fantasy titles since have had their proponents, it seems like Final Fantasy X and X-2 marked the last time fans of the series really united behind a game. With the series struggling, this will be a good reminder of what worked in modern Final Fantasy games, as well as an update to a deserving set of games. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to jump back into Tidus’ asymmetrical pants and Yuna’s short shorts.

Hohokum (PlayStation 4, PS Vita)

Hohokum is the latest in an impressive line of imaginative indie games heading to Vita and PlayStation 4. The images it presents immediately call to mind games like LocoRoco, Sound Shapes, and PixelJunk Eden.

The game is more about exploration than it is about skill; there are no scores, time limits, or tutorials, so it’s up to you find the fun that developer Honeyslug and artist Richard Hogg have woven into the experience.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita)

There are countless independently created games coming this year to Sony platforms, more than ever before. It’s impossible to list them all here. Hotline Miami 2, though, earns a spot here.

The original was like a breath of fresh air. Fresh air mixed with a mist of blood, I guess, but still fresh. The fast-paced, punishing gameplay and spartan story were enhanced an order of magnitude by the art and music, which worked together to convey not only the sense of time and place, but tone as well. The hazy, neon darkness of 1980s Miami was captured perfectly.

I can’t wait to see what developer Dennaton Games does with the concept this time around.



In middle and high school, scantron “fill the bubble” tests were nearly an every day experience. They were painfully boring, and I used to imagine a character jumping, swinging, and climbing from bubble to bubble while I went through the much less interesting motion of completing the test.

It seems like someone at Digital Dreams might’ve had the same idea with infographics, because I’m super stoked about what they’re doing with Metrico. The game features a silhouette man navigating levels based on infographics, and the level elements change as your movements and activities influence them. A platform might raise based on how high you’ve jumped, a bridge might appear only after you’ve died enough times; finding the statistic that helps you along is the puzzle. That sounds so boring when I say it like that, but the game looks like a lot of fun.

Soul Saga (PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U)

An RPG lovers RPG, Soul Saga promises to be a spiritual successor to the glorious game mechanics we all enjoyed in series like Chrono TriggerFinal Fantasy and Breath of Fire.

This is, supposedly, going to be a classic RPG with aging mechanics and a gorgeous art style. It’ll be dropped on several platforms, as indicated in the header above, but we can’t wait to take it on the go on the PS Vita. The system is truly great for portable RPG playing.