Destructoid is reporting that the PS Vita did not sell out in Japan during its opening retail weekend. Retailers began selling Sony's brand new handheld on Saturday, December 17th.

Despite the fact that not selling out suggests otherwise, the sales performance for this new handheld has been strong. 85% sold for the Wi-Fi only model and 56% sold for the 3G model are still fantastic (though, unofficial) numbers. Sony reportedly upped their stock significantly before the system's launch date, so be sure to take that fact into account as well.

The system's "optional" memory cards, however, are selling even better than retailers likely suspected. Destructoid has it that 90% of all consumers buying the PS Vita are also picking up the extra storage units. The larger of the memory cards, the 16GB and 32GB flavors, have sold out completely.

We toss "optional" in quotes because of the fact that a lot of the PS Vita's launch catalogue will require memory cards to be played. Some games make use of the cards for save slots while others save internally, but it varies from title to title. Furthermore, gamers that want to actually do any type of PlayStation Store shopping will need the additional memory cards.

They are pricey.

As for the PS Vita: in this instance, we'll take not selling out as a good thing. Sony has stocked Japanese retailers well for the new handheld, let's hope that repeats on an international level when the PS Vita ships to the rest of the world on February 22nd, 2012.

[via Destructoid, image via Famitsu]