PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV prices are dropping as the reasons to buy one go up.

Sony's PlayStation TV device – not to be confused with PlayStation Vue, Sony's upcoming cable-cutter TV service – can be found discounted at retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart, according to a reader tip received by GameSpot.

Where the official price point for the system is $100 for the base hardware and $140 for the version accompanied by a controller, those sites have listed the device configurations for $80 and $100, respectively. These aren't listed as sale prices, though Sony hasn't announced a price drop yet.

Sony's microconsole, released in the U.S. this fall, can play a variety of PS Vita games on your TV, as well as downloadable PSone and PSP games. The system can also be used for PlayStation 4 Remote Play and, once it debuts this winter, it will also be another way to access Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service. While not every game from any one of those platforms is available, the PlayStation TV has games available from four of Sony's platforms – five when they get PlayStation 2 games running. Only Nintendo's Virtual Console has games from so many platforms available (legally).

If PlayStation Now is successful and Sony can build up a good library of titles, PS TV could be a great, compact way to access Sony's gaming history, and a lower pricepoint makes it that much more appealing.

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