A new month always means a new line-up of free games that Sony wants to add to their Instant Game Collection. This coming March you can expect a solid flow of free content, including one of the biggest games of last year.

Tomb Raider highlights the bunch. Square Enix will be throwing out the PlayStation 3 version for free next month, most likely to advertise the Definitive Edition now released on the PlayStation 4. The game finally became profitable after a long and hard year, so getting gamers hyped for re-releases and sequels might now be its main purpose to Square Enix.

I already own the physical release, but having the digital as a backup never hurts.

Several indie hits will also be gracing the PlayStation 3’s free lineup this month. Thomas Was Alone explores the friendship of geometry while platforming through environments, and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is a pixelated survival-horror sensation with many different ways to play

The PlayStation 4 also has a free game this month in Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, an upgraded version of the PlayStation 3 overhead zombie run n’ gunner.

The PS Vita will give away free copies of Unit 13 and the PSP version of Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite. Perhaps this free version will hold you over until Capcom gets around to finally releasing Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS in America next year.

Nothing really eye-catching that I don’t already own this month, but that’s not always a bad thing. Now I can finally catch up on this massive backlog that Sony keeps piling on top of.