Proview iPad

Having received a $60 million dollar settlement from Apple over the iPad trademark, you'd think everything was rosy for Chinese manufacturer Proview. Alas, it isn't.

Proview, the bankrupt Chinese manufacturer that found a loophole to say that Apple was using the iPad trademark illegally, has found itself involved in a new lawsuit.  While the $60 million was going a long way to pay off creditors, it seems that it created a new one in the form of the law firm that helped them secure that settlement.

According to Sina Tech, and translated by Engadget, Grandall Law Firm has confirmed that Proview has not paid up the four percent ($2.4 million) that it was promised should the manufacturer win.  Proview founder Yang Rongshan called the lawsuit "nonsense," and claimed that Proview would indeed pay the law firm what it is owed, but just not right away.

Seeing as it's pretty universally believed that Proview jumped some pretty shady hurdles to get that $60 million, it'll be interesting to see if it attempts to find a way out of paying this.

[via Engadget]