Prototype and Prototype 2 slipped quietly onto Xbox One last week, the latest remasters in a string of endless re-releases. There was no fanfare, no press release – nothing, really. So I couldn't help but wonder if it was going to have anything to offer.

Eurogamer's Digital Foundry took a look and verified that things are about as dire as an ultra-quiet release would suggest.

Both games look identical to their original releases aside from being up-scaled to 1080p, and they even retain the same unsteady framerates. Even worse is that Prototype 2 actually runs better on the PlayStation 3. This up-scaled last-gen effort dips as low as 18 frames per second at times. Even the inferior Xb0x 360 version outpaces it.

What happened here? While many games have gotten some loving attention – the most recent being Sony's God of War III Remastered which looks great and runs smoothly at 60fps, 1080p – this looks like someone at Activision had the bright idea to remaster the game, realized it was a pretty forgettable game halfway through the process, and then released it anyway to recoup the development costs. It seems like a half-hearted cash-grab.

There's a PlayStation 4 version of these coming as well, and Digital Foundry expects them to run better, but I'm guessing it won't be much better.

Digital Foundry goes as maddeningly in-depth as we've come to expect from them, so make sure to check out the full report at the source below.