Did I write about a study's findings that online dating is useless? Yes. Do I think sharing passwords with a significant other is crazy dangerous? Guilty. But that doesn't mean I'm down on love, as some concerned friends seem to think: "I saw your articles. Is everything okay with you and the hubby?" they inquired. Well, heck yes! After four+ years of marriage, we're doing just peachy. (Maybe they forgot that I also wrote about ways to geek out over Valentine's Day and make it extra special for that certain someone.)

Still, there's nothing wrong with bringing a little more balance in, especially on Valentine's Day, and I have just the thing, courtesy of GeekSugar. These proposal vids capture the essence of geek love — there's even a Futurama proposal spoken solely in binary! So sit back and enjoy these deliciously nerdy, but heart-felt displays.

Futurama binary code proposal

Sadly we couldn't embed the Movie Trailer proposal video due to a music licensing issue, but you can watch it on YouTube, and it's definitely worth the click to see.