Say hello to Project Tango!

Back in February we first learned about Google's Project Tango, a smartphone loaded with sensors that's being developed by Google's Advanced Technology and Project Group.

Project Tango's sensors allow it to create super accurate 3D maps, and it has already caught the attention of NASA, which plans to send two of the smartphones to the International Space Station and is attaching the smartphone to its Synchronized Positiion Hold, Engage, Reorient Experimental Satellites (SPHERES). Google isn't just building Project Tango Smartphones, however.

A report from The Wall Street Journal recently detailed Google's 7-inch Project Tango tablet, which is also outfitted with sensors and able to capture 3D imagery. The news outlet said Google plans to release 4,000 units ahead of the Google I/O developer conference next month but, like the Project Tango smartphone, it's likely the firm will only share the device with developers and other scientists, instead of everyday consumers.

The Wall Street Journal didn't describe any of the tablets specs, only noting that it has infrared sensors and two rear-facing cameras. It presumably runs on the same Myriad 1 processor developed by Movidius that the Project Tango smartphone uses, too. Hopefully the company discusses its Project Tango progress in the coming months.