That streaming game service from Google we’ve been hearing about is real, and you’ll be able to test is out starting Friday, October 5.

According to Google, the purpose of the service is to make blockbuster games more accessible to people who don’t own a console or powerful gaming PC. The experiment is also designed to test and push the limits of the streaming market—many game publishers believe streaming is the future.

While consumers are accustomed to streaming movies and TV shows, streaming video games is different due to issues like latency and graphic degradation. And the more graphically-intense games become, the more difficult it becomes to stream.

The search giant doesn’t reveal how its Project Stream technology is any different from services already on the market, such as PlayStation Now and GeForce Now, but it’s unlikely Google would jump into the market if it couldn’t provide a service that’s better than its competitors’.

Google has partnered with Ubisoft to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in your Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop.

“Starting on October 5, a limited number of participants will get to play the latest in this best-selling franchise at no charge for the duration of the Project Stream Test,” Google announced.

You can sign up for a spot in Project Stream’s testing phase by heading here. You must have a home internet connection capable of 25 megabits per second and you must be 17 years or older.