It's been nearly ten years since the irreverent squirrel Conker appeared in a new video game, but Microsoft is finally putting him to use in Project Spark.

After the conclusion of an epic reveal trailer, in which two people play their homemade games across science fiction and fantasy settings, the squirrel popped up with a chainsaw and went about his normal routine of slicing the title in half.

Microsoft picked up rights to Conker when it purchased Rare in 2002, and he last appeared in Conker: Life and Reloaded in 2005. Project Spark's bright colors and welcoming aesthetic goes hand in hand with the classic feel of Rare games.

I just hope Conker swears at me when teaching me how to make a game. Microsoft didn't go into detail how they plan to use him, but you can only imagine it'll be something dirty.

No release date for Project Spark yet, but it will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.