Microsoft’s Project Spark is transitioning from its current free-to-play model to one that makes the game and all of its content entirely free. Really, the game’s content is moving out from behind any pay walls for all players.

Here’s a chunk from the opening of the post on the game’s official site.

On October 5, Project Spark will be rolling out its biggest update and platform change. This update overhauls many Project Spark systems and areas. The biggest change is a shift from a free-to-play model to a free and open creation platform. What does that mean? This will automatically unlock previously paid downloadable content for new and existing Project Spark users. Microsoft will pivot from producing DLC and active feature development to encouraging more user generated content and opening the Project Spark experience.

What does this mean for folks who dropped money on the game? There’s a super narrow refund window in place. If you purchased any Project Spark digital content on or after July 28, 2015 or ” have a remainder balance of purchased in-game tokens,” you’ll see the equivalent of your total money spent put into your Microsoft Store credit pile. Essentially, your account balance will be refunded in order to make future purchases. This will happen within 30-60 days after the October 5 update release date.

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced that they’re dropping all plans for DLC. Yes, that includes future work on the Conker stuff. They’re leaving all content creation to users of Project Spark.

So, Microsoft is no longer developing for Project Spark. I imagine that means the title wasn’t nearly as successful as they thought it would be. The transition from free-to-play to entirely free is also evidence of that fact.

Are there any Project Spark players out there? What does this news mean to you?